Bucket List Band at Veterans Service League Hall

April 1st, 2017 - Bucket List Band at Veterans Service League Hall. (No Kidding, It's April Fools)
$10 tickets available at the hall or from a Bucket List Band member, or online here ($2 service fee)
1473 Main Street East, Hamilton, ON

Bucket List Band Rotary Hamilton Event, Gage Park Greenhouses

October 28, 2016 Show at Gage Park Greenhouse
The Hamilton Rotary Club held a VIP dinner and dance on site. The decor is
from the annual Mum Show, an annual highlight for Hamilton gardeners and landscapers.
Photo: Bill Watson Photos

Veteran's Service League Hall Is Where It's Happening! Saturday, October 15

Hamilton's Bucket List Band

We're excited to be your hosts and provide exciting, fun music for this special show at the Veteran's Service League Hall.

Join us for our upbeat show featuring genre-busting blues favourites, rhythm and blues hits and a few originals too! Bring your dancing shoes and we'll bring the beat!

Tickets $10 from a band member, at the VSL and at the door. 

1473 Main Street East (at Cameron)
Parking is available on all nearby side streets.
Doors at 7pm, show starts at 8pm.

Bucket List plays Artcrawl Tribute in Honour of The Bishops

What a show! What a place! Thanks to all who came out to hear the band at the Tourism Centre. Shout out to Travel Massive - looks like you Travel People know how to have a party. We hoped you enjoyed your little taste of the James Street scene. We want you to know that the Hamilton Bucket List Band is at your service when you're looking for a show band "forged in the Hammer."

Photo: The Baldry family